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It's raining again.... so why not cook.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


I know a few posts back I said I loved the rain and it was a nice break from the warm weather we'd been having... blah.. blah... but this weekend, the rain is totally ruining my plans!!! 

The Admissions Office was going to have a kick ball competition between the Financial Aid Office and we were totally going to kick butt but since mother nature decided to let it rain and be cold this weekend.... our tournament was cancelled. Don't worry, once we play the rescheduled game Admissions is totally going to win! 

(That's what it looks like outside right now. You can't see it through the window but it is POURING rain.) 

I was also going to hike near Estes Park and take artistic pictures of the aspen trees changing colors but once again, mother nature decided to be ruthless this weekend. 

Plan B:

COOKING! I mentioned in my "about me" section that I love to cook. It is actually a "hobby" of mine. I am pulling recipes from my favorite cookbooks and magazines and preparing meals for the week and baking sweet treats! The best thing to do while in college is pick one day out of the weekend, grocery shop, and make your favorite meals ahead of time so when you're busy during the week you don't have to worry about making breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This will save you time AND money!! 

My favorite cookbooks are: 

-The Healthy College Cookbook, which my best friend gave to me for Christmas a few years ago. It has healthy recipes (no freshman 15 here) and has great ideas for snacks! I have my favorite recipes bookmarked. 

-In the Small Kitchen, I bought this cookbook when Borders was going out of business. It's great for when you're living alone or wtih a few roommates. The recipes are made for 1-2 people and it even has great recipes and tips for hosting your own get togethers with friends. 


(My favorite cookbooks!) 


This probably sounds like the "lamest" weekend in college history, but it's better than being out in the pouring rain! 

The Buffs also play Stanford tonight so I'll be watching the game! (Nervous, but go Buffs!) 

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