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It's Football Season!

Friday, September 13, 2013

This past weekend was CU Boulder's first home game of the season against Central Arkansas! Game days are up there on my favorite days as a CU student. As I walked around The Hill to buy a new Colorado shirt for the new school year, everybody was decked out in black and gold. Families, students, and alumni were walking around singing the fight song and yelling "Go Buffs"! You could definitely feel the spirit in the air!

My friends and I all walked to the game together and sat in the student section. We got there just in time to watch Ralphie run! For anyone who doesn't know, Ralphie is the Colorado mascot. She is the buffalo that runs around the field with the Ralphie Runners before every home game and at half time. Ralphie Running is actually a varsity sport at University of Colorado because you have to be incredibly fast to keep up with a grown buffalo. The Colorado fight song started to play and we cheered on the Buffs! There was electricity in the air as the students were all ready for a win! As the game went, it was very close. We started with an early lead but then the game became tied at the half. After Ralphie ran again, we were ready to take the lead. Fortunately, the game only went up hill from there and the Buffs scored to win the game! The student section went crazy! This was the first home game win that the Colorado football team has had since 2011. This is a great sign for this season and I can't wait to see some more football! It's offically football season! Go Buffs! 

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