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It's the end of an era...well, kinda

Monday, April 29, 2013

Hello everyone!

I apologize for not blogging in a while but this semester sure has been a crazy one! It has finally decided to slow down and I am excited to talk to you all once again.

Since this is the last semester of my senior year, I’m sure you all think I’m going to do the cliché thing and talk all about how much I love CU and how much I’m going to miss it once I graduate. Well, I’m not. Well, not necessarily. I figure instead of telling you about how great my college experience has been here, I’m going to show you some of my most favorite memories over these past four years. After all, memories are what make up the experience, and they are what allow you to look back with fondness. I do have so many amazing memories with friends, teachers, food, and of course my dog, and I figure its only fitting that I share them with you so that you can get a taste of what it really means to be a buff.

So here it goes. My entire college experience summed up in just a couple of blog entries. I promise to make them good, so be sure to check back soon in order to see some of my greatest achievements and most unbelievable blunders. I will be posting them every few days so that you won’t have to sit on pins and needles for too long (cause I’m so sure that you are…).

P.S. I hope you liked the picture of the pug. 



Psychology and Neuroscience • Niwot, Colorado

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