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Intramurals All Around

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

If you've done much research about college, you know that intramural sports are one of the activities you MUST try before you graduate. Even with a busy Second-Semester-Senior schedule, I am playing on a dodgeball team with other Ambassadors and a basketball team (first time since middle school...) with some of my friends. After the basketball tournament in Aspen from my most recent post, I decided to join an intramural basketball team back at school! Let's just say I am a great defender (and by that I mean I am always in the action and not afraid of the ball), but if I ever got the ball, I'm sure my offense would be average-but-useful. My team won our first game 60-37 and I really did enjoy the whole game! I have a lot to learn as far as strategy and positions, but that's what "rec" level play is all about - coming out and trying the sport!


Our DODGEBALL team, on the other hand, is nothing short of a spectacle. We have some secret weapon women on our team, and some boys that look like they would be better than they are, and then your standard boys that have cannons, all amounting to a well-rounded, super spirited dodgeball team. We were in a tie-breaker round with myself and one other guy left on the court versus two cannon boys on the other team. A blonde guy went to throw a ball and it hit me square in the face! I heard whistles and assumed I was safe because of elementary school rules where the head was off-limits, but the whistles were ACTUALLY because I had caught the ball as I went to protect my face! One of my teammates returned to the court as a result of my catch and I turned in a final throw of rage to hit the last man standing on the other team SQUARE in the shoulder! We won the game! I turned to my teammates and we all cheered and jumped around because in just 12 seconds, we went from a potential injury to a complete victory! It was hard for me to fall asleep that night, but I did ensure that we took a picture to document the night, which I posted below.


When you get to college, play intramurals. I met some of my closest friends during my freshman year on my soccer team, and to this day I have gotten to play sports and build community through intramural games! They're an easy commitment and they're cheap to sign up for, so make sure you start off your four years the right way by getting yourself on a team.



Tour Down For What - our Ambassador dodgeball team!

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