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Impulsive Decisions Part 2

Monday, February 27, 2012


My impulsive streak continues….today my boyfriend and I decided to hop in the car and head down to Silver Bullets Shooting Range in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, about 35 minutes from Boulder. I’ve never shot a gun before, and I figured, why not? (Disclaimer- my mother approved of this idea and she wants to take her own trip down to a shooting range, so I got “permission” even though she’s back in New York).  The wait was incredibly long, about three hours, but completely worth it! My first ever shot was with a .44 magnum (very Dirty Harry, I know), and the second one was a semi-automatic glock. I’m not sure which one I liked more—both were exhilarating! The magnum was definitely heavier (and scarier). The link is attached at the bottom for anyone who is interested.


I apologize that this entry is short, but I think it speaks volumes for itself.

Fun fact: Wednesday night is Ladies Night there. I know what I’m doing next Wednesday ;)


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