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Impulsive Decisions

Monday, February 20, 2012


Have you ever done anything incredibly impulsive and unplanned? I did. Just this past weekend a few friends and I decided to road trip to see Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. Now, this was a little bit scary for me at first, because I never do anything unplanned, but we just decided to get in the car and go.  We didn’t even have a hotel booked!

Driving through Wyoming was…interesting. The land is incredibly vast and open, which is so different from what I’m used to seeing back home on the East coast. I’ve also seen enough cows to satisfy myself for a very long time. We arrived in Keystone, South Dakota at around 8:00pm, and drove straight up to see Mount Rushmore. It was such a rush to see such an incredible monument.  Of course, we were the only ones there, at 8:00 at night in the middle of February. Originally, I figured we would stay in the town of Keystone---it is a huge tourist town right? Wrong. It was a complete ghost town! The only thing open was a restaurant with way too many Christmas lights and a motel. Taking the safer route, we decided to spend the night half an hour away in Rapid City.  After a lovely dinner at the Firehouse Brewing Company, ( ) we called up Hotel Alex Johnson and completely passed out after a long day of driving. (Fun fact for any movie buffs, that hotel was also the same hotel that North By Northwest was filmed).

After a lovely breakfast across the street from our hotel, we headed back up to see Mount Rushmore during the day. There were also a lot more people there, evidently just as crazy as us for coming to South Dakota in the middle of February. It really is something else—if you haven’t seen it yet, put it on your bucket list. Additionally, the people that we met were very friendly and helpful, which is something that I always enjoy--talking to new people and learning new things. 

I’m already working on (not planning) by next impulse trip. Being out here and having the opportunity to travel around this area has definitely given me a new perspective. I’m thinking Utah or Montana next. Thoughts?  


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