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Impromptu Trip to Utah

Monday, March 31, 2014

Hi all,

I hope everyone has been enjoying the first couple of days of Spring as much as I have! This past week, we have been on Spring Break, and it has been a break to be remembered.

Going into break, some friends and I decided to go on a camping trip to Fruita, Colorado, which is located near the Colorado and Utah border. We left Boulder on Friday afternoon made the 4 hour drive to Fruita, which took more like 5 hours because of unforeseen ski traffic. We arrived at our campsite after dark, but somehow managed to get tent set up and fire going within 5 minutes of our arrival. That night, we had a delicious camping dinner composed of chicken-apple bratwursts. The next morning, we planned on going to Colorado National Monument and go on a hike. However, due to spur of the moment decision making, we decided to take our camping trip to Moab, Utah.

The following morning, we went on a really cool hike from the Rabbit Ears Trailhead near the Colorado-Utah border. We drove another couple hours to Moab, and visited Arches National Park. That night, we met up with some friends that were also camping in Moab, and had another delicious dinner composed of, once again, chicken-apple bratwursts. Moab is one of the coolest cities in the West, in my opinion, and a sort of hidden gem. Between the hiking, mountain biking, and camping available near there, I could stay busy for weeks at a time. 

On our final morning in Moab, we hiked to Corona Arch. This was one of my favorite hikes to date and the arch at the end is incredible. After this hike, we finished up our food supply by eating our final sandwiches and started the 6 hour drive home. This camping trip was the perfect way to relax before the final push towards finals.

Until next time and Go Buffs!


Our Campsite after the first night in Fruita

Fun at the Campsite

Corona Arch

Corona Arch

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