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I'm a Forever Buff

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hello all!

It is early on Sunday morning and I just finished eating a bagel from my favorite bagel shop in Boulder and I’m sipping on a latte getting ready to study. On Friday, I turned in my senior project and yesterday, I had one final for my International Political Economy class. Four more to go! Even though finals time is not my favorite time here at CU, it is still a little weird and sad to think that these are my final finals.

Today, I was planning on running in the Forever Buffs 5k, but it was unexpectedly cancelled. I was really looking forward to running the race, it’s even on my Boulder Bucket List, but at least I was still able to get the t-shirt! Regardless of whether I ran the race or not, I am still a Forever Buff. You might have noticed that one of CU’s "mantras", especially for new students, is- “What kind of Buff will you be?” In my time here at CU I have been a transfer Buff, a busy Buff, a Student Ambassadors Buff, an International Affairs Buff, a Political Science Buff, an outdoors Buff, a running Buff . . .and the list goes on. You see, there are just so many things to do and get involved with, that everyone’s CU is different. That’s one of the things that I think is so special about this campus.

Soon, I am going to be a Los Angeles Buff. In late June/early July, my boyfriend and I will be road-tripping out to Los Angeles to start our lives after college. In fact, right after graduation, we are boarding a flight to LA to house hunt and because I have an interview on May 14th with the United Nations Refugee Agency!

I’ve lived in Colorado my entire life, so it’s a little strange to think that soon I won’t be waking up to my Rocky Mountains or the Flatirons and I won’t be able to brag that I come from a town with an altitude of over 6,000ft. But, I know that no matter where I go, no matter how far away it is from Colorado, Colorado (and CU) will always be here to welcome me home.

Still, I am a little scared to leave, but I am so thankful and lucky that I got to come to a school that makes it so hard to say goodbye. CU has given me the tools to achieve all of my dreams, and it has afforded me a lifetime of opportunities. I am so thankful to all of those who supported and encouraged me and made my CU such a happy one--- special shout out to all of the Student Ambassadors and the Office of Admissions! 


 Even though I am graduating, I am still a Buff ---a Forever Buff.

Thank you to all of those who read my blog this year! I had so much fun sharing my experiences with you and I will truly miss it. For those starting their college search--- I hope you find a college that you can call home, a college where you can learn exactly what you want to learn, a college that turns you into the person that you want to become, and a college that you never want to leave ---because that’s what the University of Colorado is for me.


Go Buffs!

International Affairs | Political Science • Colorado Springs, Colorado


I miss you! Gosh your blog is the best. You really made use of your time here at CU, Manders!

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