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I hate being Sick!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Last week, the dreaded October Cold crept up on me and attacked in full force. It started when I lost my voice, which I didn't really take as a warning sign because I lose my voice at least once every year with no other symptoms. Then, my nost started running, and the congestion in my face began to build. Before I knew it, I was skipping class just to sleep and was stocking up on DayQuil, NyQuil, InBetweenQuil, cough drops, nasal spray, tea and honey. This cold was one of the worst I've had in a few years, and even a week later, it's still lingering.

I won't sugar coat anything for you; being sick when you're in college SUCKS. It always makes me a little homesick, because no one is around to take care of me except myself, and the world doesn't just freeze like it used to in highschool. Midterms still go on, and no teacher will let you skip a midterm without a doctor's note. Work still happens, and when you have to buy your own groceries and pay your own bills like I do, skipping work isn't really an option. And, as it so happened, I had a big job interview to prep for that I arrived at armed with pocket tissues and cough drops, appologizing for my cold. WHAT A WEEK.

Still, it's good to know that when you're sick, you do know how to take care of yourself and how to get better. It makes you realize what an adult you've become (though, I'll admit, sometimes I still call my Mom and ask her what to do about stuff). It's definitely been a learning process- colds in my sophomore year were no major deterrent to weekend festivities (which is probably why I seemingly had a perpetual cold the entire winter of 09-10). 

It's also awesome that there are plenty of resources to help you combat sickness on Campus. There are hand-sanitizing stations everywhere. Wardenburg Health Center is conveniently located, so that you can see a doctor if you're really sick and pick up your prescription in the same hour if you really need to. Also, I remember one time I was in the UMC and some group was distributing Cold Care KIts, with some Airborne, tea, honey, and cough drops inside.

My favorite time to be sick is... never. My least favorite time to be sick is definitely during school. But sometimes, stuff happens, and it's those times that you realize how independent and awesome you've become as college student broaching the line of adulthood. 

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