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I Don't Know About You, But I'm Feeling 20... Yep, just 20!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hi everyone!

Last Friday, on the 24th, I turned 20! It was a really fun day! It was my roommate’s boyfriend’s birthday, too, so we all decided to celebrate in a big group.  We went to dinner at The Med, which is my favorite restaurant in Boulder! It is on Walnut Street, by Pearl Street, and it was packed that night. A couple of my friends had never been to The Med before, and it was fun to have their first Med experiences with them. I had Paella, which was really good, so I definitely recommend that, if anyone reading ever goes! My friend also told the waitress ahead of time that it was our birthday, so we got free dessert, which is always fun!

After dinner, the group of us went to Starbucks, where my good friend Patrick works, to get free birthday Starbucks, and to see Patrick, who couldn’t come with us because of work.  We decided to go back to my apartment to hang out for a little while Patrick was finishing up his shift, before going out to play a really fun game called Hostages.  It sounds a little crazy, but it is really fun! How you play is that there are teams of 4 (or 5 if you have 10 people, like us!) and each team has a driver, a navigator, and two (or three) hostages.  Teams switch hostages, and have ten minutes to drive them anywhere in set geographic boundaries (like the city of Boulder).  The hostages, who were blindfolded for the ten minutes, have to figure out where they are, without using GPS (we used the honor system on this one), and call their navigator to tell them where to pick them up. Whichever team makes it back to the starting point first wins! It is actually really safe, and a lot of fun! I also got a lot of really nice gifts from my friends. It was a great night all around!

Saturday, I went down to Denver to celebrate with my family! Another perk of going to school in-state! My sister, Emma, like I said last time, is visiting from China! This is the first birthday she has celebrated with me since I was 14, because she has been out of the country around this time all other years.  It is so nice to have her home! Her boyfriend Nick also came with her, and this is his first trip to Colorado! I am planning on spending next weekend with them too, so I will definitely talk more about them next week. We spent Saturday shopping around for ski gear for them to use while they are in town, because they are planning on going skiing this week and enjoying the beautiful mountains we have only a couple hours away.  For dinner, we had my favorite meal.  It is called Raclette. Raclette is a special kind of Swiss (I think!) cheese that is imported to the US.  The meal is cooked using a Raclette apparatus, which has a grill on top, and different compartments for melting the cheese underneath.  What happens is you cook food, like zucchini, onions, and beef on top, and while it is cooking, you melt cheese underneath.  We also eat it with boiled potatoes.  Like I said before, it is my favorite meal, so it was awesome to celebrate my birthday with it! It was also Nick’s first time having it, and I think he really liked it! What’s not to love?! After dinner, my mom made me a delicious berry trifle with crème anglaise and whipped cream. Here are some pictures of what Raclette looks like:

The next morning we went to brunch at a place in Greenwood Village, where I went to high school, called YaYa’s, before driving back to boulder Sunday afternoon.  I had a truly wonderful birthday weekend!

Also, Sunday night, it started to snow, which continued through Monday night.  Here is a picture of those gorgeous Flatirons! 

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