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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hola amigos y amigas, I hope things are going well wherever you are. Things are sort of getting busy here, trying to apply for internships and taking a few test, I'd imagine you all are very busy as well. And if you happen to know where you're planning on going to school right now would be a good time to get your applications in, I'd say the sooner the better, and I'd also recommend putting CU on that list of schools.

I took my first midterm last week and it was 15 questions, but was actually pretty tough..I also booked tickets for my winter viaje, as I'm staying in Europe until January.

It's a casual trip really, but I figured I could get some sight seeing in at a few cities, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels for Christmas, Paris, Rome for New Years, nothing too exciting.

And the tattoo was actually on my friend who got it in celebration of his birthday, because what else would you want to do on your birthday in Barcelona?

But I just finished up having lunch with my host family, which is always a great experience.

The Spanish regard lunch more highly than we do our engagement dinners, with multiple courses, hours of conversation, and cake. Today's lunch was a special occasion with my host mother's mom coming over for it. We sat around the table and had sausage with potato chips until the salad came out and then had the main course of gumbo shrimp with noodles and things, no idea but it was good. 

Not only do the Spanish respect the pleasure of a great meal, but also a great nap following that meal. And so like the tradition goes I'm off to siesta.

Oh and if you want some ideas of Mediterranean cooking, here's a good link.




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