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How to Choose a College Halloween Costume

Monday, October 21, 2013

The time has come for me to choose what my Halloween costume will be this year, and I thought to myself, really, how do we choose what costume we want to wear?! Then I also thought, what better way to share these ideas than to blog about them?


One option is to be culturally and socially relevant. I am always a fan of picking a currently popular celebrity (Miley Cyrus), a recent movie character, or related to a cultural event, such as an Olympian. Last year, I was the Black Swan one time and Missy Franklin the next. This costume option is always a safe bet because people will understand who you are - and there's nothing worse than having to explain your costume because people don't understand!


Another option is to make your costume relevant to recent news around the world. Two years ago, I knew some boys dressed as Chilean Miners because of the mine-collapse rescue. Last year, I had friends dressed as Hurricane Sandy who walked around with crazy hair and a spray bottle, spraying people with water. Here in Colorado, those costumes are a bit less offensive than they may have seemed out east or down south... So my personal suggestion would be to  steer clear of costumes that have emotional attachment to tragedy. But that's just my own sensitivity talking!


Last but not least, there are always the classic costumes. These are the options displayed in packages at Halloween stores or options you dig up from mom's closet or the thrift shop. I have pairs of Minnie Mouse and cat ears that have never failed me, a Colorado Rapids soccer jersey that always goes well with having to dress warmly, and my old girl scout vest that barely fits over my 21 year-old bone structure - but it does fit! All of those options are surefire ways to come costumed and avoid confrontation about your costume. You may not win the contest for most innovative or outstanding, but you won't get hassled for showing up in a shirt with a pumpkin on the front.


At this point in time, I'm truly unsure of what I'm going to be this year! Any ideas would be gladly appreciated in the comments below... and I'd love to hear what each of you is thinking might be your choice!

Psychology/Education • Centennial, CO

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