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Monday, October 28, 2013


Homecoming is a celebration for the entire school! The students and alumni come together for game day and to cheer on the Buffs. In Greek Life, Homecoming becomes a competition between the houses. The week started off with a check-in to show off our Colorado spirt. Every team wore Colorado gear and checked in at the UMC. The team with the most people checked in earned points for their team and overall score. The next event was Homecoming King and Queen. This was a talent competition with one boy from each team and one girl from each team. The compeititors sang or danced or performed a skit. This is a fun way to see every house's personality and spirit. 

The last day of Homecoming is the parade. The parade is along the Hill and includes a float and a dance. Each team meets up just behind The Sink and gets ready for the parade. During the parade, we chant and yell and perform a dance for the judges. The overall theme for Homecoming was the state of Colorado. The individual team themes included Broncos, Wild West, Boulderites, and Denver City Goers along with many more. After the parade is the Homecoming Football Game. This year we played University of Arizona. This game is always fun because it's at night and it feels more exciting with all of the alumni in attendance and everybody cheering on CU. Homecoming week is always such a fun time and I look forward to it every year! 

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