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Monday, November 25, 2013

As the plan is getting ready to land in Barcelona, "Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros comes on over the loud speakers, and it couldn't be more fitting. I've only been in Barcelona around three months, but this feels like home, and the thought of leaving soon is making me feel a little home sick.

The reason I was on an airplane is because I was coming back from a weekend in Madrid where I met up with my mother, step-dad and family friends who will be in Spain for the next week. It was great to explore the city with them, and show them the Spanish way of life, which I have come to admire. What struck me the most of the things we did was seeing Pablo Picasso's famous Guernica painting, which I had seen many copies of in my life. 

But then you stand in front of the painting, and run your eyes across 26 feet long and 12 high canvas that it covers, and look at a bring screen picture of the horror of the Spanish Civil War it portrays. I was left in shock to say the least, it was almost scary. You don't actually understand it's size until you stand in front of it, and then it looms above you in a dark manner, intimidating the very person you are. It does it's job, which is to scare the crap out of you, and remind you of the injustices done during the war. The painting was said to be originally commissioned to Picasso so as to gain support of the international community in the civil war, and from looking at the giant canvas I could see how it might do that.

The museum also houses works by Joan Miro, and Salvador Dali, Angeles Santos, three very famous Spanish painters. To make a bridge back to CU, a relatively unknown CU art museum is a must visit for all perspective students. It's housed behind the high tech Atlas building, and quite possibly one of my favorite places at CU. It features very impressive student work, with different exhibitions around the year. 

During the week, I had to be a student and turn in a final paper, as well give a final presentation, which is something we all take on differently. Some of us find the idea of presenting stomach turning, perspiration flowing, nerve racking, while others embrace it, but my personal recommendation is to practice, and then practice some more because presentations will be a pillar of your college academic experience. Sorry. 


Never the less, be excited, soon you'll hearing back from schools and narrowing your list until finally you make that decision. But before you decide to move far from home, make sure you pay a visit to the universities you're seriously considering, where you can talk with students like me who are happy to let you know more about the school. Here's the link for our CU student guided tours, hopefully I'll see you on campus.

My very best,




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