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Home Sweet Home!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hello Everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and are as excited as I am for the upcoming holiday! Traveling home ended up being a little more crazy then I was initially planning. I woke up on Thursday morning (the morning I was going to fly home), to freezing temperatures and snow! I always check online to make sure my flight is still scheduled. Unfortunately… it was delayed! I started out only being delayed about 25 minutes… and then slowly the delay time increased. By the end, it was delayed a total of about 2.5 hours. This usually never happens but since it was snowing and below freezing temperatures, the weather ended up delaying a lot of flights. After sitting on the runway and getting the plane de-iced, we finally departed from the airport. After going through the clouds, there was hardly any turbulence! For this first part of break, I have been working on a really big paper. It is actually due today (Sunday!). After I turn this big paper in, the only school related thing I have left to do is start studying for a test which will be the first Wednesday after I get back from break! I actually like having the time to study over break for a test, it gives me more time to prepare! Having work over break wont always be the case, it just depends on the classes you take and your professors! For the rest of break I plan on just relaxing, catching up with my friends from back home, and of course spending time with my parents! I hope you all have a wonder end to your weekend and I hope you come back to check out my blog post next Sunday!

(I wanted to show you all how cold it was at the airport the day I flew home.. so the first picture is a screen shot of the weather and temperature that morning, and the second picture is the snowy and cold view from outside my apartment the morning that I left for the airport!)


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