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The Home Stretch

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Well, I am FINALLY done with my Honors Thesis! I do have to fix two footnotes, but that's simple, and I can do that tomorrow. But as of right now, the bulk of the work is done! Now all I have to do is defend...not quite sure what to expect! Luckily, my thesis advisor is going to do a practice defense with me next week. Honestly, I'm not too nervous about it. I love to talk, and I know everything there is to know about Women and Italian Fascism at this point! I guess I just have to remember to talk slowly and clearly...that can be a huge issue when I get nervous!

Other than that, I am so glad that my work load is winding down...especially with this amazing weather we are having lately! It's so crazy that it snowed out of the blue on Monday, but Friday is supposed to be 70! I really hope that nothing comes between me and my relaxing afternoon on the sun deck on Friday. It's very much needed at this point. I'm also so excited to go on some hikes soon! Hopefully after Friday most of the snow up at Chautauqua will have melted so that I can go up this weekend. I still have never hiked Royal Arch, so maybe this will be the weekend to do so!

But after next week it's spring break! I don't know if I should say "finally" or not, because I'm kind of not looking forward to it! Not that I don't want to go on vacation, but that means that I'm graduating soon! Still don't know how to feel about that. Freaking out more and more everyday! But what's even more exciting than spring break is how well the Buffs are doing in the PAC-12 Tournament! I'm so happy that we won today, and I really hope that we can win the championship again this year! I missed it last year when I was abroad, and I really want to celebrate another championship year!

Anyways, I hope everyone takes advantage of the wonderful weather this weekend and gets some color back! Go Buffs!

Italian • Boston, MA

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