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Hiking in Boulder

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hi All!

With the coming of November and the very early beginning of the holiday season, the hiking season in Boulder slowly comes to a close. With this sad realization in mind, I would like to recap my three favorite hikes in Boulder. Hiking is one of many outdoor activities that many CU students as well as Boulder residents enjoy. It is easy (sometimes difficult), fun, and incredibly beautiful. People hike both during the day and at night. (Boulder stars are awesome) Many hikes also provide access to bouldering and sport climbing. Anyways here are the best hikes in Boulder in my opinion.

  1. Royal Arch, Chautauqua:

The Royal Arch hike is far and away my favorite hike in Boulder. I have hiked it well over ten times and every time it gets better. Not too short and not too long, it’s perfect as a workout or as a leisure walk. The iconic arch at the top is a must see when in Boulder.

  1. Sanitas

Sanitas is another classic Boulder hike. At the top, there is a great view of North Boulder and the Boulder reservoir. The ascent is very mild until the last mile or so and then the real hiking starts. This past summer, the Boulder Rock was hidden up there one week. (The Boulder Rock is a competition in which a rock is hidden somewhere in Boulder and clues are released one at a time until it is found. The prize is $500. Not too shabby.)

  1. Flagstaff

Flagstaff Mountain is home to many great features of Boulder. Not only is the Flagstaff House, an upscale restaurant, located on the side of the mountain, but there is a scenic overlook and endless bouldering spots. Additionally, during the winter there is a giant star that gets lit up on the mountain. In terms of hiking, there are many routes with awesome views as well as a cool amphitheatre at the top.

These are just some of the vast amounts of hikes that Boulder has to offer. More to come about the star and another great sledding season in Boulder.

Until next time!


Mathematics and Education • Boulder, CO

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