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Hikes, Food, and Fire Alarms

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


What a great weekend that just passed! As I’ve said (bragged) about before, Chautauqua hikes are my guilty pleasure. Unfortunately, I’ve been crazy busy now that we’re half way through the semester (YIKES!), and I haven’t been able to hike as much as I had hoped to. This Sunday, even though I should have been studying for my upcoming psychopathology test (whoops), the day was too beautiful to not take advantage. A good friend and I took a fantastic hike up towards the Third Flatiron and even though it was one of the more challenging hikes I’ve done up at Chautauqua, it was rewarding at the end. We only got lost off the trail once and had to crab walk down a BIG pile of rocks, but other than that nothing too scary!


Even though this is my third year living in Boulder, there are still plenty of restaurants that I have yet to hit. Being from New York, I’m used to having diners all around me, but in Boulder they are quite scarce. On Saturday morning my boyfriend, who knew how badly I’ve been missing diner food, took me to what he calls one of Boulder’s secrets, The Village Coffee Shop. All I’m going to say is that if you’ve never been there, you must go, and make sure that you go with someone who has been there before so you can get your special surprise! On the food topic in Boulder, I was at the Walnut Brewery last night for dinner. If you have a taste for a hint of jalapeño and you love cheese, I’d recommend starting with the pretzel appetizer.


As I’m writing this blog, I am currently sitting in the building next to my apartment because the fire alarm is going off in mine. It may or may not have been my roommate that set it off while cooking…



Just kidding. Blog again soon!  

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