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Here We Go Again!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Hi everyone! The Spring 2013 semester has started, and it is already packed as usual! I went on a mission trip to Belize over Winter Break, so I'm still adjusting to the cold weather and altitude here, not to mention different food and societal norms! Reverse culture shock is a great experience to be going through! I went with a group from one of the college ministries I attend, The Annex, of 24 of us, and now that we are all back in the US we have weekly gatherings so we don't lose touch with busy schedules! It was really fun to represent CU overseas - even at the airport we had people asking us about the Broncos! I attached a picture of our group at El Castillo, the Mayan ruins, in Belize below.

The first few weeks of a semester always involve fun events so everyone can reunite and to recruit new members to clubs and student groups. My classes are already interesting and crossing over one another - example of this is my Bilingual Education class and my American Ethnic Lit class where we are discussing problems with race in schools and society. It's all super interesting and I enjoy being able to parallel the readings from the two!

I also have Tuesdays and Thursdays off this semester, so I am planning on going up to ski during the weeks on occasion. I went up yesterday to Copper Mountain (1.5 hours southwest of CU) and my friends and I were some of the only people on the mountain for the morning! That's definitely a huge perk of going to school in Colorado :)

The weekend ahead involves me doing a lot of readings and such to get ahead in some of my classes, and also some more skiing on Monday! I hope you all have a great MLK day!



The Annex Belize group on the stairs of El Castillo in Belize!

Psychology/Education • Centennial, CO

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