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Happy Valentine's Day

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I've never really liked Valentine's Day very much, yes I know this makes me sound like a cynical person, but it just isn't my favorite holiday. My perspective was changed a little bit with help from my sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma, and CU-Boulder. Last night, I walked to Kappa for dinner and meeting like every Monday night. After dinner, the chef walked out and announced that there would be no dessert because he figured no one would eat it with Spring Break so close around the corner. With many yells of anger, he brought out a few bowls of grapes hoping that this would quiet us down. It didn't. Then after meeting, we walked back upstairs and walked into the dining room which was now decorated in Valentine's Day style of red and pink. On the tables were cookies set up for decorating and a the hashers were standing there ready to play the game "date-a-hasher". The Valentine's Day party was complete with cookies, singing, and our own version of the newlywed game. It was so much fun and a great Valentine's Day surprise. Who needs a Valentine when you have your sisters?

Then this morning, I walked into my RAP writing class in my dorm. My teacher greeted us with pink heart shaped cookies and Hershey's kisses for a little Valentine's Day surprise. We then wrote about our feelings of Valentine's Day and shared it with the class. At lunch, I noticed that the Emporium, the campus grocey store, was selling frosted heart shaped cookies and Farrand Grab and Go was selling special Valentine's chocolates. At dinner, I went to Libby dining hall and noticed that it was also decorated in red and pink to spread some spirit. They had set up a table filled with treats and a chocolate fountain. This Valentine's Day was a lot of fun and even if I am a little cynical, there was definitely love in the air.


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