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Happy Holidays!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hello everyone, 

I don't know about you.... but when Thanksgiving rolls around something inside me just bursts and I begin humming Christmas tunes, watching Elf a million times, making my gift list, and decorating my mini-Christmas tree (complete with pink lights and decorations of course). This year is no exception. This post is... well... you guessed it... all about the upcoming holiday! The timing of Thanksgiving and Christmas break at CU is THE WORST. We have a wonderful week off for Thanksgiving (except teachers insist on assinging work that's due afterwards) and then we come back from break and have literally 3 weeks before our month-long Xmas break! The 3 weeks are hell too... finals... projects... and all I can seem to think about is baking cookies, wathcing movies, sipping hot cocoa, and DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. That's currently my state-of-mind right now... instead of working on two projects due this week and next; I am going to list for you my top five favorite Christmas songs complete with my favorite holiday cookie recipe and one cute/inexpensive gift idea for friends.... feel free to try them out this year! :) 


Top 5 favorite Christmas songs: 

1.) Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt (the original) 

2.) I'll Be Home for Christmas by Frank Sinatra 

3.) Christmas Song by Nat King Cole 

4.) All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey 

5.) Please Come Home for Christmas by The Eagles 

..... Bonus: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays by N*Sync (Be sure to check out the CHEESY music video.... I die laughing every time) 


Favorite Christmas Cookie Recipe: 

Eating Well Magazine's Ginger Crinkle Cookies..... they are the best with a warm cup of coffe or cocoa! The perfect amount of spicy and sweet. 



..... Bonus: Every year my mom and I make white chocolate snack mix. It is SO addicting and it is the perfect treat to whip up for lots of people. We always make a bunch then put some in decorative containers and give them to people! 



Inexpensive Gift for Friends:

As young adults we all know how hard it is to buy gifts for EVERYONE... friends, family, etc.. so for the holidays (even birthdays and other special occasions) I like making homemade gift baskets. There are THOUSANDS of possibilities and they are so easy and cheap to make. Try to focus on a theme for your basket or for that person. For example, if I am making a basket for my best friend, I would be sure to include the things she loves--a gift card to get a pedicure, a Starbucks card so she can pick up coffee on the way to her pedicure... etc. For guys, same thing. Focus on what the person likes or make a themed gift basket, such as "Sports Night" where you include tickets to a game, a gift card to eat out somewhere before or after, etc... They are a lot of fun to make and you can be as creative as you want! Plus YOU set the price limit... here are a few I really like... 


(This is a book gift basket-include a person's favorite reads, a mug, coffee/tea and they are set! You could also do the same thing with a person's favorite magazines.) 


(All the makings for a delicious meal! They even placed them in a new strainer... pretty clever!)



I hope everyone has a happy holiday season and hopefully you'll spread some cheer and great ideas as well! :) 



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