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Happy Friday!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Hi everyone!

What a busy week it has been! With all of the tests, meetings, and assignments I have had this week, I was happy to have an awesome morning this morning!

I woke up to it raining outside, which is my favorite! It doesn’t rain that much here in sunny Boulder, Colorado, (I guess despite the flood we had last semester!) so when it does rain, I am a happy camper! It was a lovely gray morning that turned into a snowy afternoon.  I woke up and was lucky enough to have time to go to the Bear Creek rec center.  On Fridays I don’t have class until noon, so I had time to relax and go cycle for an hour.  Going to the rec center is one of my favorite ways to distress.  I especially love going when not a lot of people are there, like on Friday mornings. 

After I came back from the rec center, I made breakfast and had some extra time to hang out before I went to class. By the time I left my apartment, it was already starting to snow and it hasn’t stopped since then.  After my two hours of class, the snow was picking up even more, and I came home to a lovely afternoon full of wrapping up with a blanket on my couch and watching Scandal.  I will be spending the evening volunteering with one of the new groups I have joined this semester, Alpha Phi Omega.  I am planning on spending this weekend sleeping and gearing up for next week and next weekend, when I will be spending every free minute studying for the 5 midterms I have the week before Spring break.  Anyway, today was the beginning to a wonderful weekend!

Here are some pictures of the weather we had earlier the week, and today: 

A beautiful sunny day, Monday! 

And a beautiful rainy morning this morning! 

And a snowy afternoon! 


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