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Halloween in Boulder

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Halloween is one of those holidays that doesn't obey rules. It can fall on any day of the week, and it can be celebrated on days that aren't Halloween.

This year, unfortunately, Halloween falls on a Wednesday. Luckily for us Buffaloes, that means we get two weekends to celebrate and dress up and paint the town orange. This weekend, my fraternity had a small costume party on Friday, and one of my friends from the dorms back in freshman year had a costume party as well. Needless to say, I killed two parties with one costume: A bad surgeon. This wasn't one of those elaborately thought up costumes that I had planned since Nov. 1st, 2011. Rather, I walked into Savers (a thrift store) on Friday afternoon with a $10 bill in my hand and thought, "What can I get for this?" Luckily for me, there was a scrubs sale, and I got an idea for a costume and a set of shirt and pants for $7. Not bad! The hard part was showing the "bad" aspect of the "bad surgeon." To get this effect, I wanted some gore on myself, so obviously ketchup was the best option, right? Not so, as ketchup smells terrible when it dries. So one wash/dry cycle later, and I decided to just buy some fake blood and call it a day. Top it all off with a cough mask from Wardenburg Health Center (CU’s resource for keeping us healthy), and the closest thing I could find to a surgical bandana, and I had one decent costume for around $10 (see below).

You might say I “killed it” at the parties I attended, but that would be a terrible pun. I did have a great time, and people liked my costume well enough. Some great ones that I saw this weekend included: multiple Cliffords (the big red dog), climbing accident victim Aron Ralston (who I actually met once, as he lives in Boulder), and some replacement NFL referees (who of course, were just throwing penalty flags everywhere for no reason).

It was a fun weekend, and only one half of the Halloween ritual here in Boulder, so I’ll keep you in the loop next weekend! Enjoy this picture of a bad surgeon after a surgery gone wrong:

Terrifying, right?

Terrifying, right? 

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