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Sunday, November 4, 2012

This week was awesome because Halloween landed on a Wednesday, meaning the celebration lasted for multiple nights! I came home to my roommates carving pumpkins or making pumpkin flavored food almost every day. On the weekend before Halloween, my roommates and I went to a couple of costume parties being held by our friends and other Young Life leaders. I dressed up as the black swan, wearing multiple tutus and fake eyelashes! As always, the costume parties turned into dance parties and places to catch up with people you hadn't seen in a while, so it was really fun. I attached a picture below.

On the actual night of Halloween, Young Life College took 40 students down to Pearl Street to do a version of trick-or-treating and people watching. Every one knows that people will be down on Pearl Street celebrating, so we got to see a crazy variety of costumes! For actual Halloween night, I dressed up as Missy Franklin (the 17 year old Olympic swimmer who is from my home town!) and stayed really warm in my giant parka. I ran into a man who was wearing a speedo... and that was it! He remarked that my costume was a little better thought out for the weather of the night. But it was the first Halloween I can remember in a long time that it hadn't snowed recently, so it was a great night! Then we stopped by Chipotle for $2 burritos (if you dress up on Halloween they make you a $2 burrito!) and a few of my friends and I went to the Boulder High School Haunted House. Students put it together and it runs through some of the underground tunnels and channels of the school - it's super eerie and awesome! I recognized a couple of girls that I tutor that were in the show so it was fun to tell them later that I noticed their scary acting skills :)

Overall, the Halloweek was really successful! After Halloween hits, the semester seems to fly by, so Thanksgiving will come just around the corner!

Hope everyone recovers well from their nights of extreme candy consumption!



Young Life College at Chipotle! You can see me in my Missy Franklin costume on the right!

 Pebbles and the Black Swan!


Psychology/Education • Centennial, CO

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