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Greek Week 2013

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

This past week have been Greek Week at CU Boulder. Greek Week is when the sororities and fraternities are paired up to make up 9 teams. Each team competes in different events each day for points. The team with the most points at the end wins Greek Week and wins a trophy for their house. This year's theme was Boulder Class Reunion and each team had a Most Likely to... theme. Our theme was Most Likely To Become a Rockstar and all of our events were based on this theme. This week gets pretty competitve but is also a great chance to meet new people friends from different houses and get to know people better in your own house as well. 

Day 1: Field Day. Greek Week kicked off last Friday with Field Day. This involved each team selecting a few members to compete in many different types of competitions. These competitions included water balloon tosses, water races, and 3 legged races. This is a lot like a field day that many people did in elementary school and each member from the teams came to support and cheer on their team members. 

Day 2: Frat Football. This was a football tournament between the fraternities on each team. My friend described these football games as the dream sequence in She's The Man where all of the guys are running around in the mud, attacking each other, and tearing many jerseys. This is exactly what frat football looked like, like I said, it gets pretty competitive. There were a few bloody noses and concussions but overall it was very successful. While my team was eliminated in the first round, we had so much fun cheering on our team from the sidelines. 

Day 3: Powderpuff. Now it's the girl's turn to play football. Each team has been practicing for months and it is finally time to put their football skills to the test. While it wasn't as aggressive as frat football, it was still incredibly competitive. I didn't play powderpuff because of a past injury, but I had so much fun cheering on my friends and watching how tough they can truly be. 

Day 4: Miss Greek. This is a philanthropy put on by Sigma Pi fraternity. All proceeds of this event are donated to Clinica, a free health clinic. Houses compete to raise money for this charity and pay for tickets to watch this event. This is a Miss Greek Pagaent, loosely based off of a Miss America pagaent. The competitors are introduced, asked trivia questions about CU, and perform a talent. The talents included singing, dancing, and even a SNL parody skit. They are judged by faculty from CU and the winner earns points for her house and team. My favorite act was done by Delta Delta Delta, in which they parodied Justin Timberlakes VeganVille skit from Saturday Night Live and related it to CU and Miss Greek. This is a very fun and entertaining act and a great way to show off some talents. 

Day 5: Community Outreach. Each team sent a few members to University Hill Elementary school to help them paint walls, clean their classrooms, and donate some books. This is the Greek Community's chance to reach out to our Boulder Community. Although I didn't attend this, I heard from the girls that attended that it was an awesome opportunity and they loved being able to give back. 

Day 6: Buff Can Challenge and Volleyball. Buff Can Challenge is a can donation event. Each house donates cans, our house donated 2300 cans, and bring them to the UMC. They then have from 11-2 to create a structure out of our cans that goes with their theme. Our team was Most Likely to Become a Rockstar, so we built a guitar and an amp out of cans. Some other can structures included the White House, a golf cart, and a burning building with a firetruck next to it. I never thought that you would be able to create this many different types of structures just from some cans, but this is some people's true calling. After Buff Can Challenge was a volleyball tournament. This was held that night and each team selected members to play volleyball for them. This was so fun, because I personally love watching volleyball. We got to cheer on our team and it was incredibly loud and exciting to be in that gym. We placed 4th in the tournament and got to watch our team play in the consellation game. 

Day 7: Songfest. Songfest is a 12 minute long dance that each team puts on. This is the biggest Greek Week event by far! Teams practice for months just to get this dance perfect. It is held in Coors Event Center and we got to dance on the same court as our basketball team plays. You perform in front of all of the other teams and a panel of judges from the faculty. It's so fun to watch everyone's dances because each dance correlates with their theme so no two dances are the same. Our dance was all rock songs and told a story of how the main guy became a rockstar. It was so much fun that I wish we could go back and do it again! Here is a link to Songfest dance.

 My team placed 2nd in Songfest and 3rd in Greek Week, we were so excited that you would think that we won first from all of the celebrations. Greek Week is now all over but I had so much fun during it and have made a ton of new friends because of it! 

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