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Greek Week

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hey everyone!

It's spring and the weather is getting ever nicer! It also means that it’s time for the annual Greek Week competition. Each sorority is paired with one or two fraternities and given a team name that fits in the overall Greek Week theme. For example, this year’s Greek Week theme is High School Reunion, and all the team names are variations of “Most likely to…” Some of the teams this year are Most Likely to Save a Life, Most Likely to Become President, and my team’s Most Likely to Join a Country Club. The teams compete in various events over the course of a week. Some examples are a field day competition, flag football tournaments (both men and “powder-puff” for the women), the “CU Miss Greek” pageant, and many others. It all culminates in “Songfest,” which is a dance competition where the teams choreograph a huge dance medley to songs that match their team theme.

Our Most Likely to Join a Country Club is composed of my fraternity (Alpha Epsilon Pi), the Delta Gamma sorority, and the Theta Xi fraternity. It’s a very fun group, and we’ve been doing pretty well at all of the events so far. We’re riding solidly in the middle of the pack, but I’ve seen our Songfest preparation, and while I’m not participating this year, I think they’re going to take first and carry us to a Greek Week victory, which would be a first for my fraternity.

The Greek Week football competition was yesterday morning, and while it’s advertized as flag football, it is pretty much full-on tackle football. The players are wearing flags and pulling them counts as a tackle, but pulling a flag results in many jeers from the opposing sideline (and occasionally your own). Our team fought a very tough battle and made an amazing comeback, but ended up losing 20-14 on the last play. Early in the second half, our quarterback, Adam, who used to be president of my fraternity, took a very nasty hit to his shoulder. I don’t think Adam knows what pain actually feels like though, because he played throughout the rest of the game, and actually made some amazing passes with a hurt shoulder. The organizers of the event always have one or two ambulances on standby for injuries, so immediately after the game ended, Adam checked in with the paramedics, who quickly ferried him to the hospital to get his shoulder checked out (turns out he has a separated shoulder, not fun!). Flag football, huh? Unfortunately that meant that our team was eliminated from the tournament and came in sixth place overall.

This past Friday was the field day competition, which is actually composed of many small events like a three legged race, a balloon shaving contest, a wing-eating contest, and a water balloon toss, just to name a few. This year and last year I’ve participated in the wing-eating contest, which is 25 chicken wings split between two teammates (one from the fraternity, one from the sorority). Last year, my partner and I came in a close second, losing by about 5 seconds (or really the time it takes to swallow a mouthful of a chicken). This year however, we were crushed by the competition. The winning team finished their chicken before any other group had even finished half! Even though we didn’t win it, the chicken was great! Field day is always heavily attended, so I got a great chance to snap a picture during the balloon shaving.

The rest of the week will bring more events, like the Miss Greek Pageant, the Buff Can Challenge, and of course, Songfest. I’ll make sure to get good pictures and update you on how our team is doing! 

See, told you it was heavily attended!

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