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Greek Week

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This past week was Greek Week for sororities and fraternities. Each sorority is paired up with one or two fraternities and compete in different competitions throughout the week. This years theme, decided by the panhellenic board, was tv channels. The different themes were themes such as entertainment television, tv land classics, and nickoledon tv shows. My team's theme was animal planet so we had our competitions revolving around things to do with animals. 

The first day was field day. Every team selected members to compete in different competitions such as an eating contest and a blind obstacle course. Next was frat football and powderpuff, where the girls and boys played football against each other in a tournament. On Monday was the Miss Greek competition, which is a pagaent for each sorority house. This competition was put on by Sigma Pi fraternity and all of the proceeds went to their philanthropy, Clinica. The greek community raised over $83,000 for this event. Tuesday was the newlywed game where two people from each team competed in a newlywed game to test their knowledge about each other. Wednesday was the Buff Can Challenge. Each team brought in cans and made a sculpture with the cans and the team with the most cans and the best sculpture won. Thursday was the biggest competition out of all of them. The competition this day was Songfest. Each team practiced a 10 minute dance for months before this performance. This event took place in the Coors Event Center and was a lot of fun to watch and perform in. 


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