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Graduation Paperwork

Friday, April 27, 2012

Can it be? Is it really so? You want my permanent address so you can... gasp... send me my diploma?

It's bizzare. Graduating in December means filling out your graduation information by May 1st. Which is in four days. I have to meet with my advisors and make sure I've got all my ducks in a row... did I take enough hours? Did I take the right hours? Are there any last classes that I have to sign up for to assure that I can walk down the stage, donning a cap and gown, and turn my gold tassle? 

Double majors, a certificate program, and studying abroad all converged into this beautiful medly called My Transcript. My Transcript proves that I took the classes I need to take. It's evidence of my ability to critically think, to do my work on time, to study hard for tests and write powerful term papers. My Transcript, that elusive piece of paper, is my key to the real world. This thing that I have poured my heart and soul into in the last four years will be a line on my resume; it will be a sheet of paper with some words on it.

Reducing it to that, however, is ridiculous. Anyone with the ability to go to college, and the drive to finish, is truly lucky. Because of this, I will be able to secure a good job, be a part of the work force, and really make something of myself. It represents both my future and past. It represents myself. It represents opportunity.

So, graduation paperwork, consider yourself (almost) completed. I consider myself incredible blessed and lucky be able to turn it in. And, future Buffs, consider yourselves lucky, too. Besides having the best for years of your life, your time at CU will be the key to a happy, healthy, rest of your life. 

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