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Getting Help from the CU Writing Center

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hey everyone! I hope you have all had a great week and are enjoying life! This blog post I decided to talk about an experience that I had last week in regards to a paper I was writing. I will also talk about one of my favorite online delivery food services here at Boulder!

When I think about my strengths and weaknesses when it comes to academics, I like to think that I excel in subjects like writing but struggle with math and science. However, this past week, I got stumped on a paper. It is for one of my hardest Communication classes. The main focus of the class is rhetoric, which is extremely confusing to me. Our first paper was due this past Thursday and I was really struggling with it. I decided to take my draft to the Writing Center located in Norlin Library. This is a totally free service for all CU students. It does not matter what year or major you are. They have professors and graduate students that volunteer their time to help students like me out! Before going in, I was a little skeptical, because I had never used that service before. I had heard great things about it but I was just apprehensive I guess. However, when I got out of the session, I felt SO GOOD! They helped me with my transitions, my thesis, and some other technical writing techniques. I wont know what I got on my paper for another week or two but I feel like I did really great! I think without the help of the writing center, I would have struggled to make my paper a cohesive one!

Here is the website for the writing center (which is located in Norlin Library on campus) :

(On a side note: Since it is Fall, which is one of my favorite seasons, all these pictures on this post are pictures that I took on I hope you enjoy!)

Since today is Sunday, and the Broncos football game comes on in a few hours, I am trying to get all my homework done so I can just sit back, relax, and cheer on the Broncos! I just realized that I don’t have much in my refrigerator! Unfortunately, there isn’t really anything in my fridge that I can make for dinner. I am a little to lazy (it is Sunday) to go down to King Soopers which is one of the best grocery store places here in Boulder. I love King Soopers because their quality of produce, cheese, meat, and all other foods are great and the prices are really affordable. So... since I have decided not to go to King Soopers, I am going to order dinner later from this awesome website called HungryBuffs ( )! This website was actually started by a CU graduate! It has tons of restaurants in Boulder that are available for either pickup or delivery. The website is really nice because all the restaurants are in one place and you don’t have to go searching on different websites and things like that! They have restaurants on there that serve Japanese, Chinese, Italian, American, dessert... the list goes on and on. All you have to do is just look at the menus that are provided online, click whatever items you want, and then submit! I also love hungrybuffs because the delivery drivers are super fast and really nice! Anyway, this is an awesome service for CU students who are either feeling a little lazy and don't feel like cooking (like me today), or just feel like ordering food from great restaurants here in Boulder from the comfort of their own home! I hope you all have a wonderful week and I hope you come back next week to check out another new blogpost!

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