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Get Away to Get Going

Friday, March 9, 2012

Sometimes, you have weeks of school that hit you like a bus. Last week was one of those weeks for me; between two midterms and two papers, which required an inordinate amount of time spent in the library, I was feeling pretty checked out as Friday rolled around. I even tried to get a head start on some of my readings for the coming week, but all I could do was hit the "next episode" button on Netflix. Luckily, all my stress disappeared when my friends and I went to Winter Park for the weekend! We stayed at one of my friend's houses, and the shenanigans that ensued lifted all of the weight of the week off my shoulders.

Not only did we ski- in some amazing fresh snow, I might add- but we cooked some pretty wonderful dinners! As Sunday rolled around, we decided to skip the lift lines for the day and opted for snow shoeing and snow-man building. We created a sweet fort with snow ball ammo and ambushed some of our other friends. The sun was shining, intimating the first hints of spring time, and we all got a little pink on the cheeks.

It was one of those care-free weekends where everyone has a blast and can channel their inner child. Luckily, with my friends, awakening the part of you that gets a little less love during an intense week of midterms is pretty easy. And, fortunately, we live in a place where a quick mountain refuge is only a few hours away. Coming back to Boulder with the spirit refreshed has made this past week all the more enjoyable. Now, as the days on the calender drift into the thick of March, spring weather is really starting to set in. All of Boulder is biking or running, the restaraunt patios are packed, and Pearl Street is coming back to life. It's just the jumpstart I need to power through the rest of the semester!

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