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Freshman Year Reflections

Monday, May 19, 2014



Hello everyone!

Long time, no write! It has taken me a few weeks to post this blog because I was really busy with finals and then packing and moving and now settling in back home.

For a little bit of reflection, as my last few weeks of freshman year melted away, my friends and I could not help but look back on all the great times we had our first year at CU. 

Tears flowed, smiles brightened, and feelings of nostalgia floated through the air as we questioned, “Where did the time go?”

Well to tell you the truth, I know exactly where it went! It passed by quickly, but it was definitely there. It was the fastest 9 months of my life, but the also the most fun! An entire school year went by where I didn’t use the word “bored” – it is just not in the vocabulary of a college student at CU. After finishing finals, we could not be happier with all that we had accomplished freshman year. There were lots of “firsts” and even some “lasts,” lots of poor decisions made and some really darn good ones too!

However, at the same time, the closing of the school year meant separation from the only life we had we had known for the past few months. Living at school, your friends really do become your family. Especially for me, coming from out of state, I had not seen my parents in a little over four months because I did not go home for Spring Break (Backcountry skiing trip…what can you do? :)

The time factor, combined with busyness, and the fact that we all had very little interaction with anyone over the age of 22 since last August made for an interesting adjustments back home.

No longer am I separated from my parents; I see them everyday, all the time, and it is very evident that they are there. Gone are the days (for now) where I am surrounded by kids my age, all looking to have a good time. And believe it or not, I actually miss the homework and the readings, the presentations and dreaded group projects. Because freshman year has been such a whirlwind, it is legitimately hard for me to relax and not have anything to do. Of course, I am going to get a job this summer, but the “busyness” is still not the same.

That being said, I made a list of 10 Things You Will Learn During your Freshman Year of College at CU. The list is as follows:


1) How to step out of our comfort zone (or how to deal with being forced out of it),

2) How to make friends (because most people seem to forget that skill after leaving kindergarten),

3) How to balance school with social life with sleep (or, how to survive with just two out of three),

4) How to read multiple books at one time (and actually read them),

5) How to pick classes using a degree audit (we all know how to do this after learning it the hard way)

6) How to talk to our professors (people over the age of 22!!) in a professional way,

7) How to get to know our TAs (because they are the ones actually grading our papers),

8)How to get to class using the most direct route possible, especially when it is snowing (Yes, this means cutting through the C4C, Libby, Gold Biosciences, Norlin, and Humanities on your way to Hale).

9) How to survive off a diet of unhealthy choices (because let’s face it, we have all had more than our fair share of chicken nuggets at the C4C dining hall),

10) And, how to enjoy our 4 (or more if we are lazy/lucky) years at the most beautiful university in the world with some really great people.


So now that I am back home, the questions, or rather, interrogations have begun. Aunts, uncles, grandparents, new friends, old friends, parent’s friends, neighbors all ask, “So how was your first year of college???”

Well, knowing all that you have read from this blog, and using your imagination to fill in the gaps, you know that there is really no way to sumarize an answer to this question. Too many good memories to try and describe, because my story-telling would not do them justice. However, I can assure you that there is something about this school and town that makes it a little bit of heaven on Earth, and I am so happy that I picked to come to such a wonderful university both to learn and to live.

Until August, I will be spending my days playing with my dogs, hanging out with high school friends, working, going to the beach, etc. While I will take my time relaxing this summer, I will really be counting down the days to when my fellow students and I, coming from all 50 states and various countries, will meet up again in the Best College Town in America for another one of the best years of our lives. 

Cheers, and as always, GO BUFFS :)



At home at the beach with my dogs Honey Badger and Piper!


Broadcast News and Political Science • Ventura, CA

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