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Freshman Year Nostalgia

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay! I was pretty sick yesterday, and didn't really move from bed! But I'm back at it today and feeling better! It's quite a Valentine's day outside, I must say. I went to class this morning with just a polar fleece on and after class there was already an inch of snow on the ground! Absolutely beautiful, but I was definitely not prepared in the least! Hopefully the snow will stick around for a while. My parents and brother are back in Boston, and they think that the snow from the blizzard will stick around for at least a few weeks. Plus they're supposed to get more this weekend! Kind of jealous, but hey, at least we'll be able to be outside and hang out on Norlin quad soon!

I've been talking to a few freshman members of my sorority recently, and it kind of struck me just how much things have changed since I was a freshman. Not only just socially and personally, but also around campus! So, of course, I thought I'd make a list!

When I was Young..aka When I was a Freshman at The University of Colorado at Boulder:

  1. The Chey Ho Grab-n-Go was THE place to be. It was the best food on campus without a doubt. Upperclassmen around campus still remember their pizzas and their pesto chicken sandwiches. There was always a line out the door to get food there. But now it's gone...but you guys get the C4C so I guess it's a fair trade!
  2. The Farrand Emporium didn't have that milkshake maker. So many of the freshman on campus are now walking around with these new milkshake things...I don't really even know what they are, I'm just jealous I never got one!
  3. The Rec Center wasn't under construction. This one I'm super jealous about! The plans look so amazing, and I am so bummed that I'll be graduating before it's done! Underclassmen, just promise me that you'll all use the outdoor pool as much as possible before the first snow! I'm counting on you all.
  4. Campus Golf was the thing to do. Maybe it's because I'm not on campus as much as I used to be, or the fact that it's cold out, but I feel like I rarely saw people playing campus golf earlier last semester! It's a lot of fun, and I highly recommend it!
  5. WillVill was only four towers. I lived in Sterns East my freshman year, and I actually liked it! We were the only dorms that actually had the option of air conditioning on their radiators, which was a decent pay off for having to ride the BuffBus everywhere. Plus, we had our own gym and sand volleyball courts. But now there's WillVill North, I think it's called? Those dorms are amazing! Again, jealous!
  6. Football games were very well attended, and basketball, not so much. This one I just realized the other day. Football games were absolutely HUGE when I was a freshman. Not that they weren't this season, but I really didn't notice the different until going to a basketball game recently. My freshman and sophomore year, you could easily walk in at half time and get down pretty deep into the student section without stealing anyone's seat. These past two years though? Not at all! Especially tonight with the Arizona game! It's a welcome sight without a doubt.

Well, that's all for today! I hope everyone has an amazing Valentine's day, and here's to hoping for a Buffs victory tonight! GO BUFFS!

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