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Fresh Start

Thursday, September 20, 2012


The first three weeks of school are complete, and I am already completely immersed in college life once again.  As a sophomore, I came into the semester knowing what to expect from my classes and extracurriculars; time management is the key to successfully navigating an action-packed schedule.  The move off campus has been decidedly mixed, because apparently living in an awesome house requires mountains of hidden fees and payments to go along with a landlord who is relatively unhelpful.  While there are certainly advantages to living off campus, living in residence halls certainly has its perks. 

Academically, the semester started off with no shortage of excitement.  Midway through the first week, I decided to change one of my majors, international affairs, to history.  After scrambling to register for the appropriate classes and exchange my old books and buy a whole new set, I finally settled down into my new path to graduation.  I am taking mostly introductory lower-division major classes now, along with Physical Anthropology, which fills my science core requirement.  My classes have been filled with reading these first few weeks, and my eyes are starting to wane. 

However, I am soaking up the last few weeks of snow-free Colorado by running and hiking as much as I can.  Last weekend I summited Mt. Evans, my 11th 14er, and am preparing for hikes the next two weekends.  My house off campus is just down the hill from Chautauqua Park, and I try to trail run as much as I can.  I’ve also started to frequent free yoga classes at Corepower Yoga on the Hill, and they have been surprisingly enjoyable for someone who had only practiced yoga a few times before this fall.  I have also started working; the high school basketball season is nearly upon us, and I am hoping to referee some varsity games this winter.  For now, I am working the Boulder High School fall league, consisting of my alma matter as well as schools from around Boulder County. I strive for a balance of work and play every day, and moderation is key.  I go to bed exhausted every day, but I love the life I’m living right now.



More importantly, even though football has gotten off to an inauspicious start, I’ll always bleed blue and orange; my Broncos look great with a certain quarterback under center, and I cannot wait until the countless CU-Boulder students from the Bay Area see their beloved Niners try to stop the one and only Peyton Manning.  I was lucky enough to go to the Steelers game last Sunday night, and I’m too excited for words about the upcoming season.  Go Broncos!


Political Science • Boulder, Colorado

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