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Sunday, April 21, 2013



As a foreign writer looking at American culture, not restricted by the bounds of nationalism and expectations of positivity, it would be easy to write cynically about the excesses of commercial materialism, gluttony, and the lack of concern for others that so often surround mainstream society.  In addition, Congressional gridlock and divisiveness has given the United States a feeling that individualism, protection of rights, and security for close-minded attitudes are the only ways to have successful and happy lives in this country.  However, while it would be a simple and not wholly wrong assumption to comment on these observations, so much of American culture is lost on those not actually living here.  Our country has a remarkable ability to respond to tragedy, to rally around a common cause, to support philanthropy, and to lend a helping hand.  In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings and subsequent police chase the true spirit of American kindness and community has come out in full force.  We are a people fiercely proud of our heritage and our communities, our traditions as well as our futures, and while it may take events that raise the public blood pressure to illustrate the full force of this energy, there is no doubting the unlimited power and potential of the American spirit.  Foreign observers often focus on the negative aspects of life in other societies, both to degrade rivals and prop up the homeland.  However, one truly needs to feel the passion that is so clear in American society in order to truly grip what living here represents.  This is clearly the only way to get a feel for the true emotional capacity that American citizenry produces time and time again.


Until next time, Go USA, Boston Strong,


Max Nathanson

Political Science • Boulder, Colorado

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