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Football Season's Last Hurrah

Sunday, January 23, 2011

So on this relaxing Sunday, I hung out at a friend’s house and watched the Green Bay Packers squeeze by the Chicago Bears to win the NFC championship and earn a place at this year’s Superbowl. It was a good time, with lots of junk food (always a sign of a good time). 

This time of the year is always great because football season never goes out with a fizzle, but with a bang (better known as the Superbowl). I’ve always been a bigger fan of football than basketball, so the post-Superbowl spring is always hard until baseball starts back up.

I plan on enjoying the Superbowl with probably the same guys who I watched with today. We saw an ad for 50 McDonald’s chicken nuggets for only $10, so I think we’re going to end up getting like 3 of those for the actual Superbowl. Should be an awesome game!

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