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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Now that it's fall again, it signals the return of football season! Football season is one of the greatest times of year because not only are the Buffs playing, but the entire NFL (barring lockouts) is playing. Since I don't really have an NFL team, there's so many games to watch, and I don't have to worry about which team to hate! The college games are always fun to watch, but I really only watch the CU ones, which can sometimes lead to mild depression. Even though we did lose our season opener against Hawaii, we still have an entire season to go, and our new coach can surely redeem himself. This weekend is our first home game against Cal-Berkeley, and we're gonna blow them out of the water (hopefully)! 

Continuing the good news, not one of our home games (including the CSU game in Denver) requries the band to start rehearsal at 7:00AM! There's usually at least one game that requires us to be ready to play at 7:00AM, which is just ridiculous. Instead, we get to sleep in a whole 2 hours later for most games! I will, however, miss our "Baker Waker." Since Baker Hall is right next to Farrand field (where we rehearse) and is directly where we're facing, when we warm up at 7:00AM on a gameday, we call it a Baker Waker. Anyone who isn't awake on the field-side of the residence hall will surely be awake soon after 7:00AM. 

Regarding our first home game, my advice to anyone is to GO! Home games are the most fun event we have on this campus, hands down. Campus pretty much shuts down, Boulder pretty much shuts down, and the student body migrates to the stadium. There are so many traditions that make gameday spectacular. My personal favorite is the Ralphie run. Sure, sure, everyone has seen the video of her running, but to see a real, live buffalo streaking around the field is pretty awe inspiring. Once, the band was a little bit late returning to the stands after the halftime show, and Ralphie started to run while we were still on the sideline. Seeing that buffalo run about 10 feet from me was very powerful, both literally and figuratively. 

The start of football season also means fantasy football! We always do a fantasy league through my fraternity, and this year we had our draft actually in person. While it took forever (more than 2 hours straight) to draft 6 16-man teams, I think it'll be a good season. One of our guys who's playing this year is a big soccer (oops, "futbol") buff, so he just made a joke of the draft and drated pretty much the entire Denver Broncos offense. We'll see how it works out for him!

Keep rooting for the Buffs, and look for me on national TV!

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