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The Food Network, Cheesecake, and Homework

Thursday, October 10, 2013

It was a last minute impulse to take a trip to and sure enough we ended up on a train to the other side of Spain, to a place of beauty but formally known as San Sebastian. 

Some six hours later we're checking into our hostel, regrouping and trying to figure what to do first, naturally we ate. El menu del dia (the menu of the day), a Spanish tradition consisting of multiple courses, coffee, wine, and the soccer game on tv. That night we only continued the eating, going through the narrow streets from one tapas place to another, absorbing the vibrant life until randomly my friend bumps into a certain host of a television show.

But first, so the thing to eat in San Sebastian is cheesecake, and due it incredible palatability it deserves a description. It's moist, soft, almost delicate delivered with the kind of simple elegance you don't see that often in the states. 

Oh right, I almost forgot about the tv show personality, It was Adam Richman, that guy from "Man vs. Food," smiling and telling stories. A few photos later, my friend got his twitter info and manage to meet up with him the following night. Needless to say, spending a night with the hilarious man Richman is, was entertaining at the least. 

I managed to get back Saturday, and type up a five page paper due into class Monday, which would also be the day I would be presenting in Mediterranean Politics.

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