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Food-Filled Week

Saturday, February 16, 2013

This week I could wear shorts one day and be in snow up to my ankles the next! It's classic Colorado weather in February.

So naturally on Tuesday I went up skiing with one of my friends to Winter Park. Moguls are one of my favorite things, so we started on some runs with a few bumps, and then made our way to some of the blacks on the Winter Park side. They were so fun! But by the last normal run of the day my legs were completely shot. We packed up the car and headed home. Neither of us can ever get over how we are on the mountain when other people are in class. It's so nice to have variable schedules in college!

Tuesday morning before we left to ski we celebrated Fat Tuesday at Snooze restaurant on Pearl. It's easily one of my favorite breakfast places EVER and on Tuesday they had a philanthropy for local school gardens. They had ELEVEN DIFFERENT PANCAKE OPTIONS! The styles were crazy, ranging from a sticky bun pancake to one with bacon and avocado cream sauce. They were all delicious. Best day of my week by far.

Then Wednesday night, my friends and I decided to check something off our bucket list: Eat ONE of EVERYTHING in the Center For Community Dining Hall. It's our largest dining hall on campus and it has 13 different chef stations. We got a bite or 10 of each thing the buffets had to offer, brought it all to the table, and ate well. Some of the funnier combinations were a sandwich with every meat, cheese, and condiment, or the bowl of every single cereal. Then the dessert line was quite the show, having to somehow mix eight different ice cream flavors into two cups! It was an exciting and hilarious adventure, and now I can say I've sampled something from every single station! I attached a picture below.

Then Thursday night, before the CU vs Arizona Basketball Game, some of my friends and I went to Beau Jo's pizza for a fundraiser for the CU Baseball team. I had never been, but now I understand why Man vs Food visited - their pizza is giant, and SO good! It might be one of my new favorite pizza places! Then we walked over to the game and watched CU just CRUSH Arizona. I always get chills from the amount of pride that flows through the student section at our basketball games! Then we stormed the court, which is something I will never forget! We also made our own Harlem Shake video as a C-Unit group, and it went viral that night. I attached a picture below from the court.

One of everything in the C4C!

Storming the court! Go Buffs!!!

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