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Food and Culture

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hey everyone! 

Long time, no blog. My apologies! 

 My semester has picked up tremendously and I am slowly realizing the difficulties of taking 18 credits (6 classes) on top of work and my social life! Complaints set aside, however, I will share with you one of the coolest projects I am currently working on. 

Note: What I am about to share with you is totally stereotypical of Boulder, but it is important nonetheless! 


So I am taking an online writing class (through Continuing Education on campus) that is titled Food and Culture. It is probably one of the more facinating classes I have taken at CU thus far (Besides Media Ethics). Basically, our teacher told us to pick a "daily topic" that centers around food and begin researching it for our final project assignment. Since this class is short-term based (From Oct. 17th to Dec. 5th), I have been busy collecting information about my topic and learning so much more about the food system in America than I ever thought I would. I love this class because I am passionate about the quality of food and how different cultures have different ways of eating. It is completely facinating when you think about what people eat in Africa, for example, in contrast to what people eat in America. 


It is a curse and a blessing living and attending school in the Boulder "bubble". A blessing because Boulder has many progressive-thinking resources and businesses at your disposal. There are various opportunities to teach yourself many things. It's a curse because not everyone is as fortunate enough to visit. I always have to remind myself, that although the idea of vegan-friendly restaurants is awesome, Boulder only represents one place in America. With that being said, the project I am working on for this class has to do with food ingredients. I am working on creating a video about ingredients that will become my final project. I will post the link on my blog when I finish. Right now, I am posting a link to some interesting information I found in my research about Twinkies vs. Carrots. My favorite author and journalist, Michael Pollan, is the man talking in the video. He has written many books about the food system in America. The purpose of showing you this video is not to sway you politically one way or another. The purpose of the video is to make you think. It also gives you a glimpse about some of the arguments many people are concerned with, not only in my classes, but also in Boulder and nationwide too. Some of you might find it interesting and some of you might not, which is fine, but I thought I would share with you the ideas I am researching in class. 

Cheers until next time!



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