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Flash Flood

Thursday, September 19, 2013

This past week, we experienced something in Boulder that has never been experienced in my lifetime. Last Wednesday, I went to class wearing shorts and a tank top and then a few hours later, I was decked out in my rain jacket and rain boots. A dramatic change of the weather sent Boulder into a state of emergency. The night started out with just a little rain. While for some people rain isn't their favorite, I love rain days! I love hanging out inside snuggling up with hot chocolate and watching a movie. But this was more than just a rain day, this was a storm. A few of my friends and I wanted to check out the storm and take a walk around campus. When we went outside, we realized that this was no normal storm. By the time we had walked across the street to campus, we were soaked from head to toe in just a matter of minutes. Our basement had started flooding and it looked a lot like the bottom floor of the Titanic. 

The next morning, we woke up with a text from CU saying that school had been cancelled for 2 days and that campus was closed. This was the first time that I have ever experienced a rain day instead of a snow day. Some of my friends went down to the creek to look at the how high that was. I have never seen anything that rapid or high. The creek usually is very slow moving with visible rocks and flows far below the path. This time, it was over the path and running faster than I had ever seen. We are still praying for people's homes that were lost and for those who are missing. The flood was called the 100 year flood because it has not occurred in that long. Thankfully, we are finally seeing some sun in Boulder and everything is getting back to normal. Even though getting back to school after a four day weekend is a little tough. 


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