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Firsts, Lasts, and Tears

Sunday, April 7, 2013

If you’ve read any of my other posts, you probably know at least two things about me.

1) I love CU
2) I love Student Ambassadors/being a Student Ambassador

Yesterday, I had the chance of showing about 5,000 admitted students and their families just why I love this college and Ambassador so much. At the crack of 5:30AM, my alarm went off, and I sprung out of bed. It’s kind of funny, but I think the earliest I’ve ever gotten up this year is because of programs Student Ambassadors puts on. I was surprisingly awake and excited for the day to begin.  Here is a picture of the sky on my walk to campus:

At 6:15, I joined the rest of the ambassadors in Coors Event Center for bagels and lots of coffee.  Kylie and I even got to meet Chip's parents! (Look how beautiful the Flatirons look during the sunrise!)

As families started to arrive, the day began. Normally on my tours, students are usually excited to see the campus and ask questions, but that excitement doesn’t hold a candle to the excitement shown on Admitted Student Day.

Throughout the day, I helped the admitted students and their families find buildings on campus, I answered questions, and assured parents that CU was the best place for their child.

I didn’t think it was possible, but I was jealous of all 5,000 people there that day. I remember exactly how I felt when I got my acceptance letter to CU, and how excited I was to be a Buff! And all of these students are starting their adventure as I am ending mine.  I confess, I did tear up several time throughout the day.

I had the chance to give a lot of advice yesterday to these soon to be college freshman and their families and I thought I would share (what I thought) the most helpful tips:

1.       Get involved. Join clubs and organizations and intermural sports…join everything! Then figure out which groups fit you best and will help you make this the very best CU for you.

2.       Make connections. Meet your professors, meet everyone in your residence hall…you will be surprised how many connections you make your freshman year will be important to you as a senior--- both professional and personal.

3.       It’s all about you. For the first time in your life, it’s all about you--- where you want to go to school, where you want to live, how you want to live, and what person you want to become. How exciting, and terrifying! But, college is all about you and, however cliché this might be, finding yourself. I believe that CU offers the best, most comfortable environment to make this happen for all students.  Make sure that you make decisions for yourself and do things that make you happy!

I had the best last Admitted Student Day, and I know there will be many more great Admitted Student Days to come.  I can’t believe I’m experiencing all of my “lasts” in college while so many get to experience their “firsts.” Here I go tearing up again… but how could you not tear up when you know that you have to leave this magical place soon?


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