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First Weeks Back

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hello again! I hope everyone had an amazing break, as well as a productive first week back! I can't believe that I'm back for my last semester here at the University of Colorado at Boulder. No, really, I'm speechless. All I can think is: I don't want to leave!

This week, the Career Services office hosted the Job and Internships fair, and it was really good! I could only go one day, unfortunately, but a lot of my friends went both days and said that it was great. There was such a wide variety of employers there, which was really nice because it felt like there was something for everyone! Sometimes, as an Italian major, it kind of seems like there will only be jobs for Business and Engineering majors. Well, the Job and Internships fair definitely helped remind me that, thankfully, that is not the case! I got to speak to some amazing companies and get some really helpful insight on my resume. Plus, I think it definitely helped the seniors relax and realize that there are jobs out there, which is definitely nice since we're all thinking about it!

With it being my last semester, I have started thinking about the things that I have to do before graduating...and there are a lot of them! A few of them include:

  • Going to the Spring Game: I haven't managed to go in my previous years, and now is the last time to do it! Plus, I didn't make it to that many football games this season, so hopefully this will make up for lost time!
  • Eat at a bunch of restaurants: This may sound weird to some, but Boulder is filled with a lot of amazing places to eat that I still haven't been to! I have yet to go to The Buff for breakfast (which, if you watch Man Vs. Food, you know is just a travesty on my part. Sausage pancakes? Who could go wrong?), and I haven't eaten Pasta Jay's either! Luckily, I don't think checking this off the graduation will be too hard!
  • Eat a meal in the C4C: Another weird one, especially for the underclassmen! I was a freshman when the C4C (or Center for Community) was under construction, so I never got to eat there. I have only ever heard good things, and I've even heard that they have sushi, which makes it the best place ever. Even my mom back in Boston heard about the C4C's food before I could! Apparently one of their recipies for lamb was in a magazine. Sounds yummy to me!
  • Walk on Folsom Field: I can honestly say that every single graduating senior is looking forward to this! We've watched Ralphie charge around the field, we've seen our football team win and loose on the field, and some of us have even watched friends or siblings graduate on the field. But very few of us have had the pleasure of actually walking on the legendary Folsom Field. But that will all change at graduation! I, for one, am so excited!

Well, that's it for now. I hope everyone cheers on the Buffs tomorrow at their game against Stanford! GO BUFFS!

Italian • Boston, MA

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