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First Snow/Winter

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Hey everyone!

Now that it's November, it's definitely winter in Boulder! We had our fist snow about two weeks ago, and it was absolutely breathtaking. See my photos below for details, but when the flatirons are frosted after a snowfall, it's hard to go to class and not just stare at them. 

With the onset of winter comes the end of football season. We just had our second to last home game, and our last one will be this coming weekend. A fun thing I had happen this weekend was being featured on ESPN's website coverage of the CU-USC home game. Right after the pregame show, the band lines up on the "Colorado" ramp (the black one in Folsom, with Colorado spelled out on it) and plays while Ralphie runs. During this particular game, a few saxophone friends and I decided to do some "Tebowing," where we struck Tim Tebow's famous pose. Apparently ESPN's photographers caught me doing that and put the photo up on the website! To view the picture, go to this link: Unfortunately we lost the USC game, but it was a fun, nighttime "Blackout" game, so it wasn't so bad. Besides, their win still won't let them go to a bowl game because of their trouble with the NCAA. 

With Thanksgiving approaching, it's time for my fraternity, Alpha Epsilon Pi, to have its annual semi-formal dinner. We usually try and have it around mid-November so we can have it be a more intimate, family style dinner with all of our brothers and a date for each of us. This year, I ended up planning the dinner part of the evening. As much work as it was/is, it's very nice to have a more of a say in where we go and what we do. What ended up working out for us this year was a nice dinner at the Red Lion restaurant, which is about 10 minutes up Canyon Rd. just outside of Boulder. I can't wait to go there and have a nice meal. One of the benefits of being in a fraternity is that we can pool our resources (in the form of dues) to do really nice things, whether it's a nice semi-formal or just a weekly brotherhood dinner at various places in Boulder. I'll make sure to post pictures of our semi-formal in a week, and you guys will be impressed with how well fraternity men can clean up!

This is my car, covered in snow after our first 6-8 inch snowfall!

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