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First Snowfall of the School Year!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hello Everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your weekends! I am in a great mood this weekend because I spent about 6 hours on campus yesterday getting a bunch of my school work done! Before my 6 hour work session, I went onto the hill and got two awesome tasting waffles. It is called Waffle Brothers! If you come visit CU, it is a must try! Since I got a lot of my work done yesterday, today I get to relax and just chill out. I really want to show all of you this task list application on my computer. It is great because I can type all the assignments I need to complete, and when I finally finish them, I get to cross them off! For some reason, it’s a great feeling crossing the assignments off and seeing those check marks!


 I am also in a super happy because this past week we had our first snowfall! I was SO excited. I woke up on Friday morning and got up to get ready for my career services appointment when I looked out the window of my apartment and saw snow falling! Even though the snow wasn’t sticking to the ground, it was still beautiful. One of the reasons I decided to come to CU Boulder was because of the amazing winters! Seeing the first snowfall this early in October is great… hopefully this is a indicator for what is to come (fingers crossed for tons of snow and a great ski season!)! I decided to drive up to Chautauqua park and take a picture of the snow dusted mountains! For some reason when it snows on the Flatirons I think that it looks like chocolate bars sticking out with powdered sugar on them. Do you see what I mean? Well…. maybe its just because I have a huge sweet tooth! Anyway, I hope you all enjoy your Sunday and have a great week!


Communication • Palo Alto, CA


This blog is okay, but here are some tips to make it better:

Re-read your writing out loud to make sure it makes sense and sounds okay before posting. For instance, you forgot to put the word "mood" in "I am also in a super happy because this past week we had our first snowfall!"

Also if you're going to share a handy application you like or find cool, at least mention what it is and where to download it. Or at the very least the name (like you did with the waffle place) so others can acquire and use the application as well.

All in all not a bad read, it was short and to the point which I liked.

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