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The first snow and Halloween weekend!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Photo courtesy of the CU Independent


Tuesday evening the CU student body had one thing on thier mind. WIth the brisk air settling into Boulder Valley and the numerous forecasts reporting a near-certain snow storm, everyone at CU eagerly anticpated the first snowfall. That morning, Boulder awoke to white blanket cloaking every outside surface. A wet, heavy snow covered the ground and masked the trees as students donned their bulkiest boots and heavy winter jackets, excited with the promise of snowball fights the oncoming ski season.

While some hard core bikers still rode to campus, the bus stops were a little busier as fair-weather riders opted for a warmer transit to campus. The snow continued to fall from the skies, weighing down the trees that were still covered with their summer leaves. Many branches ended up breaking all around Boulder from the weight of the snow- which rounded out to a nice 14 inches!

Snow in Boulder is one of the best parts of living in Colorado. Nothing compares to the view of the flatirons, seemingly sugar coated in the distance. Campus is beautiful- though chilly- which provides the perfect opportunity to pick up a late or a cider on the way to class. 

But, the next day, temperatures soared, and sure enough, the snow has already melted. This ended up being a good thing though, because all weekend long student celebrated Halloween! A testament to CU's creative and ingenuity, the costumes on Friday and Saturday night were hilarious. I saw some people dressed up as "the 1%", wearing suit and a tie, the statue of liberty, housewife zombies, and even house-elves! Halloween is such a fun time at CU- there's no better way to relax after the stress of midterms by carving pumpkins with good friends!

While the nice weather might hold out for some crazy Halloween lovers tonight, it looks like we'll be back to snow on Wednesday. This will be followed shortly by the opening day of Copper Mountain, where I will be all day Friday! Can't wait for the snow to dump on Boulder!

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