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First Snow

Friday, November 2, 2012


              Every year, the Daily Camera (one of Boulder’s local newspapers) holds a contest. People enter in the date they think the first snow of the year will arrive, and whoever gets the date right wins a ski trip of some kind.


            This year, the first snow came last Wednesday, on Oct. 24th. The first snow in Boulder is always a special occasion, and this year was no different. We got a big fall, and by my very professional guesstimation we got around 5-6 inches. That night, there was a snowball fight out on Farrand Field that was reported to have over 200 participants, quite the occasion.


            But snow in Boulder is always beautiful. The picture attached is one that a friend of mine took, right outside of his residence hall, looking through the sign at Farrand Field onto the flatirons in the morning. Enjoy!


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