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First Day of School!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Remember when you first went to kindergarten and your parents took a picture of you in your first-day-of-school-outfit with your brand new back pack on your back? If they were anything like my parents, this tradition continued well into highschool. Well, I haven't yet taken that picture and sent it to my mother, but all the rest of the back to school activities are in full swing at CU.

During the summer, it's almost like CU hibernates. Its trees get bigger, begging to be strapped with a slackline, and its grass gets greener, yearning for barefooted students to run through its blades while tossing a frisbee. Besides the monotone buzz of construction work and the quiet hustle and bustle of summer school students, campus stays pretty empty. But, come the first day of school, and CU is once again pulsing with life.

This morning, I made my PB&J before before loading up my backpack with notebooks and pencils. I hopped on my bike and zoomed past pedestrians in effort to get to my first class. I read the syllabus and took a few notes. Now, I'm sitting in the University Memorial Center with hundreds of others, who, like me, are taking a little break before their next class. They're reading the Colorado Daily, they're talking with friends, they're buying last minute school supplies and they're grabbing a quick bite to eat. Campus has immediately settled into what it was always meant to be.

But, still, the first day of school is always an adventure. Going to your classes and getting a feel for the teacher, talking to a friend who studied abroad all summer, and trying a new restaraunt that opened on the Hill couldn't be better. This first week, while classes are still easy and the workload is light, is the best week of school. The sun is shining on CU, and, in return, campus is once again vibrating with life.


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