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Fireworks and dinner in the alley

Sunday, September 29, 2013
Hello, hope you're all doing well I've had another fantastic week in Barcelona. Classes are going well, but let's talk about the more interesting stuff.
Having been here about three weeks I understand that there are a few things Europe does better than us, and one of those is fireworks. On Tuesday night my roommate and I took to the humid streets of Barcelona to Plaza Espana, to joing the literally thousands upon thousands of people there, to see the clossing finale of La Merce. As were standing there, we just happen to start speaking English to two other study abroad students, out of the thousands of people we could been by, we happen to find two more Americans (not that it's a bad thing).
As were talking the sun falls then BOOM, fireworks come shooting into the sky, putting the whole crowd silent. Then the fountain begins to change colors and syncs to the music, which is synced to the fireworks, and it all just worked perfectly. It was a show unlike anything I've ever seen before. I attached a poorly taken iPhone photo, but recomend Youtubing it.
Another experience worth noting was our Thursday night search for dinner, which consisted of hungrily walking by restuarants that were eaither too sketchy or too expensive. Just when I thought I couldn't take it anymore my friend stops me and leads me down some alley but you have to understand I don't normally go into alleys at night searching for dinner. But whatever right, we ended up walking into a crowd of locals sitting outside enjoying wine and dinner, while a group of people sang inside. It was lovely, and our pizza hit the spot.
Point I think I'm trying to make is that we let go of our expectations, and found something awesome. And I think that's supposed to happen in college, keep open to new ideas and adventures and who know what'll happen. It's a time for growth, and a time to eat in alleys.
Hasta luego,
Political Science • Glenwood Springs, CO

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