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Finals Week

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Today marks the first day of Finals. For the past week, it's been nothing but studying, reading, and preparing for today. For people like me, the hardest part is over. Last week was basically my finals week and this week is just a coast to the end of the semester. This semester, a lot of my teachers decided to do final presentations, projects, and papers instead of finals. I like this a lot better, because it something concrete that you can finish and be done with. Once you are done with a paper or project, you just have to wait to turn it in. After you proof read it, there's nothing more you have to worry about. Well, that is until you get your grade back. But until then, nothing. 

Last week, I locked myself in the library and worked. I wrote two papers, took two take home finals, and worked on a group presentation. This may sound like a lot, but it really isn't that much when you take it all one day at a time. My first step to planning out my finals is to write down everything that I need to do at the beginning of the week. Some of my friends wrote hour by hour to do lists, some relied on their phones, and some didn't even think to plan anything out. The way that I make my To-Do List is by placing post it notes at the top of my desk and write down everything I need to do with a check box next to it. This way, every time I'm in my room, I'm reminded about things that I need to do and I also love the satisfaction of checking something off of my list. 

Now, with all of that done, I get to cruise through this week while my friends study for their last finals. Since many of them didn't have as hard of a week as I did last week, they are making up for it now with tests in many of their classes. I'm happy that I have some free time before I go home for the holidays. I am going abroad next semester, so I now have plenty of time to get ready and pack up my room. I will definitely miss Boulder next semester, but I'm excited for my next adventure abroad! 

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