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Finals Week

Monday, December 17, 2012

With finals week once again upon us, it's time to stop messing around and get down to work. This is a little bit hard when you know you won't see your friends for three weeks and just want to talk to them every minute that you can. My finals schedule this semester is a little bit brutal, with finals on Friday, Monday, Tuesday, and two of Wednesday. And to top it all off I am flying home Wednesday night straight after my final. At least I can sleep all day Thursday at home. I had a lot of studying to do, well I still do but a lot less. 

My room in the house is in the middle of the hallway, so people tend to just walk into our room when they are bored and want to talk to somebody. I think they forget sometimes that my roommate and I aren't always bored and sometimes can't talk. This week was no exception. With both of us having early finals, we needed to start studying early. We decided to make a sign on our door that just said "Nope, we are studying. 8 or higher, bro". If any of you have seen the show How I Met Your Mother, you will know that a 8 or higher is something that you can only talk to us about if the problem ranks as an 8 out of 10 or higher. It seems that people didn't really get that and just walked into our room anyways to study. We then made another sign to specify what examples of an 8 or higher were. This also didn't work. Finally, we had to kick people out of our room because we really needed to get working on our finals. I still had to write a paper for History of Japan and Madie had to study for her phsyics final. We were finally working hard on our schoolwork when Madie heard duct tape being pulled outside of our door. Our friends had Seran wrapped our door because they figured, if they weren't allowed in, then we weren't allowed out. We all laughed about it for awhile and then Madie and I decided that we can never study in our room ever again. So some advice, if you're going to study, don't do it in your room and just go to Norlin library or somewhere quiet. It's much easier and you won't get Seran wrapped in.


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